How to Choose Your Home Shoe When You have Heel Pain

How to Choose Your Home Shoe When You have Heel Pain

  by Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM MS 

When we think about footwear, outside shoes are typically what comes to mind.  However, for the 2 million adults in the United States suffering from heel pain walking around the home can seem impossible. 

Hardwood floors and lack of arch support are two of the biggest contributors to arch pain when standing and walking around the home. One of the most effective ways minimizes arch stress when at home is to wear appropriate indoor footwear.

Below are a few key features we suggest looking for in a home shoe.

Feature #1 – Arch Support

Falling arches or overpronation is one of the biggest contributors to heel pain and plantar fasciitis which means that integrating some arch support will often provide relief. Home shoes such as Vionic Slippers provide a stable base, arch support, and comfort lining.

Feature #2 – Heel Lift

Integrating a slight heel in a shoe can put the foot in a more neutral, stable position.  It is also another way to increase arch height which is beneficial for those with flat feet.  Sketcher Laggy is a style of home shoe that provides a slight heel lift without compromising comfort and cushion. 

Feature #3 – Cushion

To offset the hardwood floors, adding extra cushion to the shoe can create comfort in the heels. Oofos is one of the most sought-after foot recovery sandals because of their unique design combining cushion and rocker. 


A few other key items to look for in a home shoe include:

  • Soft fabric lining, especially in colder weather
  • Non-slip bottoms, especially if older or you have impaired balance
  • Secured to the foot, especially to minimize tripping hazard
  • Wide toe box to allow the feet to spread and splay

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