Daily Defense Kit
Daily Defense Kit
Daily Defense Kit
Daily Defense Kit
Daily Defense Kit

Daily Defense Kit

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StepStrong Daily Defense Kit contains enzymes and antioxidants all naturally derived from plants, such as papayas, pineapples, and Indian gooseberries. Each ingredient was carefully selected for its known immunity-boosting compounds that help the body activate the natural healing process.
1. Take 2 pills of StepStrong Day in the morning on an empty stomach* 
2. Take 2 pills of StepStrong Night at night on an empty stomach*
*An empty stomach means 1-2 hours before you eat or 1-2 hours after you eat.
This is crucial for the product to be most effective.
Contains 120 capsules. This is a one-month (30 days) supply.

Customer Reviews

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Eun Kim
it is working!

My 14 year old son took the starter kit for 1 week and it looks like the heel pain is slowly getting better. He is a competitive fencer and uses his right heel a lot and it gives him pain from time to time. Now we know what to do and really appreciate this good product! I am heading to purchase more!

Kevin B
I’ve been using this everyday for 12-18mths straight

I run 8-10 miles every morning for the last 3 years and 19 days of this review. I’ve had bouts with plantar fasciitis and other inflammation issues in the lower extremities. This product seems helpful to me so I keep using it daily.

David Morales
Really good helped my foot thank u Mr Alex for your customer service and all that work with step ...

Really good

Francis Lucy Ramon
Yes it worked immediately for the pain of my feet

Yes it worked immediately for the pain of my feet I will buy again

Misleydi Castillo

Todavía Nose el efecto del medicamento porque no e empezado a tomarlo porque Nose cómo tomarlo

Hola Misleydi,

Estamos encantados de ayudarle. Toma 1-2 cápsulas por la mañana con agua con el estómago vacío y repite ese paso por la noche. Recomendamos comenzar con 1 cápsula, pero si no nota una diferencia, puede aumentarla a 2. Si tiene más preguntas, llámenos al (909) 203-4372.