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Rocio Vega

The best definitely I recommend it

Legit !

The product is legit ! It does what it says . I usually have foot pain right in the arch area , it also tingles a bit . Since taking this supplement i have no pain ! Relief! I can wear my favorite sneakers again comfortably!

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Madison Gregory
I have never seen anything like this…

I have never seen anything like this before on the market! I of course was skeptical at first, but it works y’all! I have a bad tendency to stand on my heels & to put all of my weight on my heels whenever I walk & this product…W O R K S! It rids the pain & achy-ness! I couldn’t believe it! I highly recommend!

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Lena Draper
Ate Strong

I really loved the overall feel I had after taking this product! It really helped me run better and helped my feet feel a lot better.

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Francisco Garcia

Yes these pills are amazing . I’m feeling very good with them . I work as a manager in a restaurant in 15 hours shifts and now I feel very good with these pills . I have a flat feet and I’m 49 years old and now I feel in shape with step stronger .Thank you

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Deborah grisham
helped my feet

My feet felt less tired and less stressed while taking the step strong supplements over this past month. I've also noticed less soreness from less swelling.

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Chanel Jackson
Managing Foot pain

I’ve been dealing with foot pain for a few years now and was told I would eventually need corrective surgery. Stepstrong has been a lifesaver in providing relief. I can get through the day with out pain.

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Rayven Thomas
FINALLY found a product that works!

I do a lot of walking and hiking for exercise. Sometimes, I experience extreme foot pain that makes it difficult to walk and I would have to sit on the bleachers for awhile until I feel I’m able to walk again. I have been trying this product for the last few days and I haven’t been experiencing any pain. I am able to complete my workout and walk home without any problems.

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Jeanette McGee
All Natural Immunity Booster

After experiencing years of aching heels and sore arches, I've finally came across a naturally plant based capsule that actually helps with my foot pain. I use to roll my foot arch on can goods just to try to stop the unbearable pain. This pain would interfere with my work that some days I had to stay in bed and miss work. Then I tried StepStrong and it helped! The pain was gone so now I'm sticking with StepStrong all natural and doesn't have any addicting ingredients all natural!!!! Thanks StepStrong

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nancy feinstein
Noticeable different

After 5 days of use I started to notice a subtle difference. Mainly when I first wake up in the morning. That is usually the most painful time for me... when my feet first hit the floor. After the full course of ten days one foot was noticeable better than the other. With very little pain. I will definitely continue to use this. It didn't upset my stomach at all, which is a common problem for me.

It really made a difference

I struggle with constant leg and foot pain. The pain bothers me particularly in the morning after I wake up and when I stand up after being seated for awhile. My doctor prescribed a muscle relaxant for the re-occurring pain but obviously I am not a big fan of that. I recently tried the 10 day starter pack and noticed a difference, - a subtle relief from the pain. A couple of day taking the supplement, I noticed I can easily walk after waking up and not wincing from foot pain. Definitely adding this to my daily routine now (together with drinking more water and using compression socks) so I don't have to deal with foot pain again,.

Easy To Take

These dietary supplement capsules by Step Strong are quite creative and innovative. Standing up and walking for hours isn't easy on my heels. These capsules support my arch and heels. They're also easy to take and have no taste or smell. 20 capsules come in a pack, 10 for morning and 10 for before going to bed. They're also free from allergens so they're safe to take.

Great supplement

Step Strong is a great option for people like me who prefer a natural approach to health and body support. As a fitness instructor, it gives me the help I need to continue to “Step Strong.” I’m going to share with friends who struggle with foot problems like plantar fasciitis.

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Sherrie Thompson
So far, so good

I live with chronic pain and am always looking for something that can help take the edge off, especially when it does not make me drowsy or foggy after taking it. Step Strong appealed to me because it includes supplements I've taken separately in one dose. Reducing the number of pills in my day is appealing (just ask anyone whose day includes multiple medications and supplements).

I'm just a few days in and feel a difference. It has not been a significant difference for me so far, but it may be different for someone who has a lower pain level or who does not live with daily pain.

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Teresa Cesario
A Yogis dream come true

My entire life I’ve struggled with plantar fasciitis it has been extremely detrimental to my dance and yoga practice. A friend suggested trying step strong and I was reluctant. I’m so glad that I actually adapted this into my daily routine I’ve noticed a significant difference in the arches of my feet after my practice. I used to get cramps about an hour after I do not feel that anymore.

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Ashley Rolland
Helps quickly

Noticed less pain fairly quickly. Very easy to take and great to see the difference. Was disappointed by the allergens as others in the household cannot take, but amazing for anyone without food allergies. Would recommend as an easy way to improve foot health.

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Lauren Jones
Alleviated tired and sore feet

Sometimes I would walk like a penguin when I would first wake up and step out of bed because my feet would ache so much from the day prior of standing on my feet for long hour shifts. After taking this supplement it has helped to alleviate some of the stinging and sore joints that have bothered me for so long. I have been able to get up without feeling as if I am hopping around to get my feet to get comfortable.

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Zarah M
Pain was gone right away

I have bunion pain and other foot pain due to flat arches. StepStrong worked right away. I also lost a bit of weight from not being hungry as much . The supplements also helped my back pain subside and hip joint pain had disappeared . I highly recommend StepStrong and I was skeptical!

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Lois Wright
Sorry, no

Did not help at all

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Patrick Cawley
Husbands ankle issues

My husband has been using your product for several months and the more he uses it the more we notice that his feet are swelling. We take it according to the directions & it seemed to help with the pan, but now the swelling is concerning us. We will visit his doctor tomorrow ( he doesn’t take medication for this) & see what he thinks. We are disappointed however in the last 2/3 weeks.

Hi Patrick,

StepStrong contains a blend of systemic/proteolytic enzymes. Swelling is not a symptom associated with systemic enzymes. However, we recommend that if you are concerned your husband should discontinue use immediately and see a doctor. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time and our team would be happy to help.

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Clarisa Torres
No change

My feet still hurt and I feel no change still will finish the medicine and hope for a change in condition.

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John Hernandez
Did not help.

I took the supplements according to the instructions on the package. I did not notice any foot pain relief.

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Jose J Lemus

No help me

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Kenneth Setzer

My foot is better, but definitely not normal yet. It seems that the first couple of capsules made an amazing difference. Then two days later it was back at 60% of the pain level as before and hasn't gotten any better. Still have two capsules left. Will try another round if advised.

Hi Kenneth,
We are happy to hear that you were able to find some relief. We definitely recommend moving forward with our daily defense kit. Like with all supplements, consistency is very important. Their effect on the body is slow, accumulative, and oftentimes based on other healthy habits. To truly assess the efficacy of any supplements on your body you should be taking them consistently for a few months.

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Allan Mccarthy
Didn't work at all,and 10 pills over $40 that's an abuse

Bad product didn't work at all